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#NormalizeBigEarrings: Why Every Mama Need Some!

Ladies and Gentlewomen, if you had told me two years ago that I would be writing a blog post in praise of big earrings, one that INCLUDED PICTURES OF ME WEARING BIG EARRINGS, I would have told you you were crazy.

giphy (8)

Yes, y’all. I’m a recovering jewelry-phobe.  It’s not always easy to confess that, but embracing all parts of our stories is part of the journey we are on here, right? Right.  I even have photographic evidence:


Jeff and me, ready for date night, circa Spring 2015. Don’t you just wanna accessorize me? Bless my heart, I didn’t know any better…

So, then I became a Noonday Collection Ambassador and everything changed.

I have learned the POWER of big earrings.  I have learned that I can roll out of bed, throw on a pair of big earrings, barely get my kid to preschool on time, and have other moms say to me, “You look SO CUTE today!”  All because of the earrings.

I now believe to the depths of my being that EVERY woman should own a few pairs of BIG, FABULOUS EARRINGS- particularly those of who are raising tiny humans who seem to make a hobby out of eliminating all opportunities for us to put ourselves together.   And yet many women fear them- I was one of them!

Ladies, the time has come to remove the stigma and #NORMALIZEBIGEARRINGS, embracing all they can bring to our lives.

FullSizeRender (6)

So I’m going to share with you three of my favorite  Noonday earrings that elevate my (limited, unfancy) wardrobe! Don’t forget that when you wear Noonday Collection, you’re doing something nice for someone else on the other side of the world while looking fabulous so you absolutely CANNOT go wrong.

Mystique Earrings = Instant Style

These leather beauties from India are my favorite earring from the Spring 2017 line and could possibly be my favorite piece of all.  These are my “turns anything into an outfit” earring. Whether it’s a sweatshirt and trucker hat at preschool drop-off or a plain white t-shirt and plaid button-up in my blog headshot, these beauties tie it all together and make it look like you did it on purpose.

Nebula Earrings = “I’m so fan-caaaaay, you already know…”

These hand-beaded shoulder dusters from Guatemala represent the moment I realized I had turned the corner when it came to big earrings.  When the Fall 2016 line dropped and I spotted these in a preview video on Noonday’s founder, Jessica Honneger, I knew they HAD TO BE MINE.  Just like Mystique turns anything into an outfit, these turn anything into a special occasion. And they make me feel like a bad@ss when I wear them. And you will, too.


Aventura Earrings = The Darling of Spring 2017

I’m sharing these with you because they are far and a way the best-selling piece among my customers this Spring.  Crafted of brass with the pop of teal from Chrysocolla stones, these beauties hail from Peru and errrrrrrybody wants a piece of these this spring. They are fabulous with a dress, a t-shirt, or just hanging out in your kitchen with a jar of mayonnaise that you ordered from Amazon.

So there you have, them, Sister-Moms.  Three earrings that will rock your world.  Take a risk and get you some.  When you rock a statement piece that feels a little outside the norm, one of two things will happen:

  1. Nobody will even notice, which lets you know that it wasn’t as outside of your norm as you thought it was, so carry on!
  2. People will notice and will ask you about the earrings- which gives you the chance to tell the stories of the brave, hard-working artisans who made them.

Go forth and #normalizebigearrings my beauties.  Make your day more fabulous.



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Three Reasons Why Noonday Collection is EVERYTHING to this Mama’s Heart.

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending an evening with some of my fellow Portland-area Noonday Ambassadors and…JESSICA HONNEGER, FOUNDER AND CO-CEO OF NOONDAY COLLECTION!


Me with JESSICA HERSELF. You know, know big deal. 😉

I have written before about Noonday, about my journey, and about how it has caused me to grow, to stretch, to believe I could do hard things, and to give myself permission to show up to the things I feel called to be a part of, whether anyone else has invited me or not.  You can read more about that journey herehere, here, here, and here.

I was reminded that evening in a BIG WAY why Noonday Collection is pretty much everything to where my heart is at right now, another example of how God’s purpose for this Noonday journey of mine keeps unfolding.

During their talks with us, Jessica and Noonday’s VP of Sales and Ambassador Development, Allison Lime, spoke to something that is pretty much entirely all of what I’m here for right now, and that is MOMS.  Jessica told stories of how Noonday has impacted the lives of families around the world. Allison asked us in the room to share our “why” for signing up with Noonday, and so many of the stories of the women in the room centered around motherhood.  Here are my three biggest takeaways from listening to those stories.

  1.  Noonday Collection is empowering moms around the world to be able to provide for their children.  Extreme poverty around the world puts moms in positions that no parent should have to be in:  Considering whether she should give her child up for adoption because she can’t afford to feed her, debating whether to sell one child into slavery to afford to feed the others, leaving her babies alone at night while she goes work the streets as a prostitute to earn the money her family needs.  I  have a physical reaction to hearing these scenarios. My mama’s heart aches DEEPLY at the prospect.  But these are the stories of some of the moms and dads who work for Noonday’s artisan partners around the world- moms and dads who ended up NOT having to take desperate measures because of their dignified jobs with Noonday’s artisan partners.  When we partner with Noonday Collection, either as Ambassadors, Hostesses, or Customers, the sales we generate translate directly into orders or our artisan partners, which means MORE JOBS for people who need it.  Dignified employment and a sustainable income means POWER for moms to make choices out of what’s best for them and their kids, not out of desperation.
  2. Noonday is enabling moms (and dads) to adopt and bring kids home to their forever families.  Noonday Collection was founded out of Jessica’s  own journey of adoption and it has maintained strong ties to adoption as it has grown over the past six years.  Noonday allows hostesses to turn their trunk shows into benefits for adopting families to help offset the astronomical cost of adoption.  Because of its ties to the adoption community, many of our ambassadors are also adoptive mamas. All of that combines together to make Noonday such a force of light and strength and support for adopting families.  So far, I’ve been able to partner with three adopting families to help raise funds to bring their kids home and I’ve cheered countless other families on through the Ambassador Community. It’s a privilege to be a part of connecting kids with their forever families and mamas with the little ones their hearts are longing for and to be a part of a community that gives so much support to adopting families.
  3. Noonday is connecting moms around the world to PURPOSE. Sometimes as a mom, my heart aches to MATTER to someone outside of the borders of my home.  I mean heck, why else would I have even started this blog, right?  And I know I’m not alone in that ache on my heart- we are built for connection. The desire to matter to others and to help others is innate in all of us. Noonday Collection provides Ambassadors, Hostesses, and Customers with the chance to do that. We are also providing opportunities for women around the world to step into purpose as well- and to know that they are enabling OUR purpose as well. That mutual connection, the symbiosis of Noonday Collection here in America and our artisan partners around the world just feels sacred to me.  We couldn’t do what we do without them and they couldn’t do what they do without us- we all know we matter to one another, to other moms and other families, and that is beautiful and powerful stuff.

I had to leave early that night to get home to an extremely sick Kenzie.  I said goodnight to Jessica, who took the time to talk to me for a minute right before I left (that woman makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room) and I ached to stay longer and chat with everyone.

But as I lay in bed that night, brushing the hair off of Kenzie’s burning forehead, I knew that that moment was just as important to connecting me to my purpose with Noonday as it was sitting in that room with our founder and other Ambassadors.  The compulsion on a mama’s heart to provide for her children is one of the deepest things I have ever experienced.  The idea that, through partnering with Noonday collection, I help enable moms around the world to provide the food, shelter, and medical care that their kids need is EVERYTHING to me right now.

I’ve set a goal for myself to sell enough Noonday this Fall to earn a trip to meet some of our artisan partners this summer.  So far, the going has been rough, but I am encouraged to keep fighting to reach that goal so that I can sit across from these women and thank them in person for breathing such purpose into my life.  It’s such a beautiful thing when women come together to support, encourage, and enable one another to be all we can be for ourselves and our families. I’m so glad I took the risk a year ago and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!