This blog is a come-as-you-are space.

Whether you’re at your best or all up in your mess, bring it, Mama! Our strengths are what define us, but our struggles are what unite us. We count it all joy here.

I have experienced firsthand what can happen when moms step beyond striving, proving, and judging to create spaces of belonging in our relationships with one another. When moms are intentional in affirming one another, being authentic, and prioritizing relationships over accomplishments and highlight reels, the power is immeasurable.

This blog is where I offer up what my corner of motherhood looks like

I make my home in the Pacific Northwest (Rip City, to be exact) with my amazing husband, Jeff, and our two extremely beautiful and extraordinarily LOUD children, Mister Cameron and Miss Kendall.  I’m a former elementary school teacher, lifelong singer and choir girl, prolific tea drinker, constant music-listener, proud Ambassador for Noonday Collection, and avid sports-watcher.  You’ll hear me talk about God and Jesus A LOT because my faith is the who, what, where, when, why, and how of MY! ENTIRE! LIFE!  But even if you don’t believe like I do, you’re still welcome here because we ALL need each other- especially if we are different from one another.

Whether we are empowering each other to confront our insecurities and run after our callings or just setting examples of kindness and inclusion for the little people we are raising,

We moms have the power to change. the. whole. entire. world- starting with our own and each other’s.

If this sounds like your jam, then you are my people. 

Reach out, I’d love to hear from you!



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