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Give It Away in May

This month (May) is going to be a first in my Noonday journey.  This month, Jeff and I are planning on donating ALL of my commissions for the whole month to a cause that is on our hearts.  We have donated commissions from individual shows before, but this month, we are feeling a big call and are going all-in and donating every cent that comes to us from my May Noonday sales to The Compassion Collective and the refugee families they are working to provide for.

Kids and families have been on both of our hearts as long as we can remember and the pressing in of the injustices and pain experienced by little ones and their mommies and daddies around the world has only become more intense for both of us since having children of our own. God has broken both of our hearts this past week with stories of injustice and tragedy experienced by children and their parents and we have felt called to respond- not even called, kicked in the rear end in the same way He kicked me when I knew I was supposed to sign up with Noonday in the first place. I won’t share with you the stories that broke our hearts because I don’t want them to level you unexpectedly in the middle of your day like they did to us, but I will share this blog post by the incomparable Glennon Doyle Melton (who I heard speak at Shine in January, by the way), which is what prompted us to decide on The Compassion Collective as the movement we wanted to throw our support behind this month.

So we are dreaming big.  BIG, people!!!  Our goal is to be able to donate $1,000 to The Compassion Collective from my May Noonday sales. In order to do that, I need to sell $5,000 in Noonday product and gift cards this month. It’s not a super-lofty goal, other Ambassadors do it all the time.  But for me, it would DOUBLE my best month ever.

This means we are going to need your help.  I am going to need my people to shop, I’m going to need YOUR people to shop. I’m going to need people to share my posts and get the word out, not just about what Jeff and I are trying to accomplish by donating my commissions but also about the refugee crisis and what The Compassion Collective is trying to accomplish.  Raising awareness is just as important as raising funds- we are doing this because someone shared a blog post on Facebook that got my attention, who knows what amazing things you might set in motion just by sharing on Facebook or reposting on Instagram.

And we are also going to need to you pray.  Pray for us as we attempt something so new and so big, pray for children and families suffering under injustice around the world, and pray that we are able to do this thing this month, reach this big goal!

So WHO’S WITH ME, PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?  Stay tuned here on my blog, in my Noonday Facebook Group, and on Instagram.

Here’s the link to shop my site.

Buy teacher gifts, gifts for others, stuff for yourself,  Noonday gift cards, anything.

LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!

Some more mood music to get you PUMPED for the journey!


Wife and mom in the Pacific Northwest, dreaming of a world with no mom left behind.

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