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Are Paper Beads Your Love Language?


Let me begin this post by telling you about my sweet friend Devan, who is far and away one of the very best friends I have met through the Noonday Ambassador community.  She’s a wife, a mom, a Noonday Ambassador, and the biggest Kentucky Wildcats fan you will ever meet. She is also so incredibly talented in one specific area where I am so incredibly not:  she is artsy and craftsy like a fox.  Gasp-worthy cuteness just sort of springs forth from her hands like she’s Hermione Granger in craftology class at Hogwarts or the Fairy Godmother preparing Cinderella for Pinterest (and that’s both a Harry Potter AND a Disney reference back to back just for her. Boom goes the dynamite).  Crafting and making and creating things of cuteness and beauty is totally her jam and the girl’s hand-lettering is to. die. for. Here’s a link to her Etsy shop.

She recently took the Noonday Ambassador Community by storm with t-shirts with the slogan “Graphic Tees and Paper Beads are My Love Language.” The shirts have been printed and are starting to spring up on Noonday Ambassadors and their customers on Instagram, I’d order one quick if I were you.  The reason they are SO TOTALLY PERFECT for us is that paper beads really are at the heart of Noonday.  The first trunk shows ever consisted of our founder, the incomparable Jessica Honneger, selling paper bead jewelry from Uganda to help fund the adoption of her son, Jack.

The things that Jalia and Daniel’s (scroll down to the bottom of the page on the other end of this link to watch a video about their story) artisan group in Uganda does with paper beads is just amazing.  From the petite and delicate Jolie Necklace to the big and bold Firelight Necklace, a statement on the wrist, to a flash on the ears, you can marvel at the colors and shapes of the artistry in our Uganda collection here.

Here are three looks centering around three very different paper bead necklaces:

Look 1: The Minted Necklace is definitely one of my customers’ favorite pieces because it’s effortless.  The simple rope necklace is easy to style, the pop of gentle green is easy on the eyes, and the price point is easy on the pocketbook.  Here it is layered with the Tigiest Necklace, one of our Ethiopian pieces made from upcycled artillery, the Crescent Moon Earrings from India, and the La Vela Bracelet featuring the sparkling beadwork of our artisan partners in Guatemala.


Look 2:  The Sunny Day Necklace is a reboot of a vintage Noonday favorite, the Happy Day Necklace. The large, chunky yellow paper beads are unlike anything else in the Ugandan collection and it’s a great way to bring some sunshine to a summer dress or t-shirt.  Here it is styled with the Tapestry Earrings from India and another paper bead beauty, the Dainty Statement Bracelet.  (Fun fact: The Dainty Statement Bracelet is boingy. That’s wire on the inside there so if you hold it up by one end, it hangs down like a boingy, bouncy ringlet).


Look 3: The Modern Romance Necklace is one of the signature pieces of the fantabulous Spring Line.  It is made from both paper beads and seed beads and has a detachable segment that can be worn as a bracelet (bottom left) or used to turn Modern Romance into a pendant necklace, similar to the Ibrahim Necklace if you’re familiar with that piece. The Carved Plume Earrings are a piece I bought when I was still a customer and I could probably wear those things every single day.  The Monaco Bracelet is a classic and actually has a matching necklace of its very own if you want to check that out.


So…if you find yourself thinking that paper beads might just be your love language,  you are in good company.  Hop on over to Etsy and get one of Devan’s t-shirts, hop on over to my site and get some paper beads, and if you’re really feeling the love, holler at me about hosting a trunk show or even…dare I say it…BECOMING AN AMBASSADOR YOURSELF?  Could it be you?  Stay tuned for future blog posts about that.  😉



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